Retail gas supply on
terms that work for you

Agora Retail offers you more than conventional gas retailers

  • We can give your company alternatives that provide flexibility while balancing supply security with “take or pay” and “gas price” risk.
  • Agora Retail operates in the retail natural gas markets in Western Australia supplying gas to customers who consume over one terajoule (TJ) of gas per annum and in Victoria to customers who consume over 10 terajoules per annum.

  • As part of the Energy Matrix Group working with Agora Gas and gasTrading, Agora Retail can supply firm gas and source spot gas for you via the gasTrading Spot Market™ in WA.

Putting you in Control

Agora Retail can help you design a gas portfolio solution for your business.

  • Take Control

Agora Retail lets you take control of your gas supply by integrating alternative supplies.
  • Terms that Work for You

Agora Retail lets you take advantage of the terms offered in the gasTrading Spot Market™ in WA.

  • Flexibility

Agora Retail provides flexible supply terms.
  • Ease of Use

Agora Retail takes care of all upstream arrangements while you have a single contract with Agora Retail.
From time to time, opportunities arise to purchase more competitively priced gas upstream. In such circumstances, Agora Retail can integrate gas available into your portfolio and deliver the gas to your site.

Retail Gas Supply Service

We make procurement easy for you. Simply sign a single contract with Agora Retail to deliver gas to your premises in WA or Victoria.

In WA, Agora Retail uses Agora Gas and gasTrading to manage upstream supply arrangements for you. In Victoria, Agora Retail can manage upstream supply arrangements to deliver gas to your premises.

How does procurement work?

How does the procurment work?

  • In the WA market, Agora Gas will buy an agreed mix of firm gas and spot gas from the gasTrading Spot Market™ or other wholesale suppliers
  • gasTrading will transport the gas to the entry of the ATCO Network, and
  • Agora Retail will deliver the gas across the ATCO Network to your site.

Agora Retail can integrate ad hoc or long-term gas procurement opportunities which deliver you value into this arrangement.

Agora Retail can supply gas to you whether you are connected via the ATCO gas distribution network or directly connected to a transmission pipeline.


In the Victorian market and in most circumstances, Agora Retail can provide an aggregated Annual Contract Quantity (ACQ) of gas and, or, an aggregated Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ) of pipeline capacity to supply gas across the Declared Transmission System (DTS) for your site(s).

gasTrading Spot Market™

Giving you the benefits of Spot Market™ trading

gasTrading has created a spot market in WA where buyers and sellers can trade gas surpluses and ease shortfalls. Agora Retail, working with gasTrading and Agora Gas, can deliver the benefits of the gasTrading Spot Market™ to you.

Having Agora Retail procure part of your supply from the gasTrading Spot Market™ allows you to match your daily gas purchase commitments with your daily gas requirements.

How does it work?

How does the spot market work?

The spot market works by matching the needs and expectations of market sellers with buyers’ needs and expectations. The spot market clears when the terms of buyers and sellers intersect.

By blending firm and spot gas supplies, gas buyers take control of the balance between cost and risk in their gas portfolio. Agora Retail can help you determine and manage the right mix of firm and spot gas.

New to the WA or Victorian Gas Markets?

Agora Retail operates in both the WA and Victorian gas markets. While similar, gas markets in have subtle differences in regulation and operation. Our associate company, Project Consultancy Services (PCS) can engage with new market entrants to provide insight on the WA and Victorian gas markets, gas contracting options and market dynamics in these markets.

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